About jk tyre motorsport

JK Tyre is the flagship company of the JK organization, which has diversified into various other industries such as cement, education and agro-based businesses. JK Tyre had the vision and understanding to appreciate the true value of the sport as a platform for brand building and developing talent.

The company has always been closely associated with the field of sports and they took up the responsibility over three decades back of promoting motorsports from the grassroots level consciously and earnestly. As a result of their sustained approach and dedication, they have remodeled and repackaged motorsports in a way that it has not only been made affordable for the common man but, also contributed in creating world class racing infrastructure in the country.

The company’s dedication to motorsports has been unmatched. The JK Tyre Motorsport arm has been the soul of the company over the decades, giving talented drivers the opportunity to chisel their rookie skills into a global master class.

Even before the Indian Grand Prix put Indian racing in a different light in 2011, JK Tyre Motorsport had been honing the skills of speed enthusiasts through racing series such as the JK Tyre Karting Rookie Cup, the JK Tyre National Karting Championship, the JK Tyre Racing Championship and the JK Racing Asia Series (now known as the JK Racing India Series). The championships have been designed keeping in mind a gradual progression for the drivers, which has been the most vital cog in their development.

They have also been instrumental in developing infrastructure in the country, providing drivers with regular technology upgrades on track with world standards. In fact the JK Racing Asia Series, which was formerly known as the Formula BMW Series, has even earned the approval of FIA - a first for any Indian company.

In between the generations of Akbar Ebrahim, and current young guns such as Arjun and Kush Maini, India has managed to put two drivers - Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok - in a F1 car. Both have been beneficiaries of the JK Motorsport grooming programme, even as their ilk continues to grow in India.