Meco Motorsport India

Meco Racing is India’s leading motorsports management enterprise founded by Akbar Ebrahim, Indian motorsports legend. It is trusted by drivers, supported by patrons, and respected by the Indian motorsports fraternity as the country’s No.1 organization, not just for its passion, performance and achievement, but also for the iconic name associated with it.

Meco Racing was built on a dream: to change the landscape of motorsports in India, so that motorsports would be a shining, sought-after career option. Having known what was lacking in terms of infrastructure, equipment and training, not to mention encouragement, Meco Racing ensured that the right steps were taken to plug these gaps.

From grooming 8 year olds in baby karts at Coimbatore to training Sri Lanka’s finest racing talent at Colombo, Meco Racing makes it all happen. From humble beginnings in 2005, Meco Racing is today India’s most successful racing academy. It has its own karting tracks across the country, with motorsports equipment outlets. Meco Racing is thus truly the one-stop destination for everything connected with motorsports.

As Meco Racing scorches down the road ahead, the landscape of motorsports in India is being transformed. The future for Meco Racing holds consolidation, expansion and more international exposure. Above all, it holds a relentless drive towards the adrenalin rush of the waving flags, the adrenalin burn, the podium finish!