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Curtains come down on the penultimate round of the 24th JK Tyre-FMSCI National Racing Championship 2021
05 December 2021

~Arya Singh completes grand double in LGB Formula 4 class~

~Double for Ruhaan in JK Tyre Novice Cup & Anish in JK Tyre presents Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup~

Coimbatore, December 5: The weather gods played hide & seek in the penultimate round of the 24th JK Tyre-FMSCI National Racing Championship here in Coimbatore. Heavy rains halted the session for a couple of hours on Saturday but then the wet track condition made the races in the LGB Formula 4 & JK Tyre Novice Cup category even more exciting.  

As the drivers & riders got geared up to take to the track to prove their mettle came the rain and halted the proceedings for over an hour. But the race officials were determined to complete the race for the cars.

It continued to rain but the Formula LGB4 drivers, the experienced of the lot, were given the task to handle the condition. The race was run under the safety car and yellow flag for the first four laps but Arya Singh of Dark Don Racing did a much better job to bring home his first race win. Arya completed a sweet double by winning the final race of LGB Formula 4 race with authority in the penultimate round of the 24th JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship (JKNRC) 2021 at the Kari Motor Speedway in Chettipalayam on Sunday.

On Sunday, the day began with Amir Sayed (Ahura Racing) notching up his second race win this season in the LGB Formula 4 class. The youngster from Kottayam took the lead in a first corner and quite smartly defended Mohamed Ryan and championship leader Vishnu Prasad (both MSport) the first few laps. But once he broke free, there was no turning back. He further took control to take the top honour. But in the final race of the day, which turned out to be a thriller, it was Arya all the way.

Due to heavy rains, the two wheeler race was pushed to Sunday. Anish D. Shetty proved his superiority winning both the races in the JK Tyre presents Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup. It wasn’t easy though for the Hubli rider, particularly in the second race, as Allwin Xavier threatened to take him on in the final stretch. But Anish, a champion driver as he is, withstood the pressure to take the chequered flag in a photo finish.

There was something to cheer for Guwahati’s Jaden R. Pariat of MSport on Saturday despite the downpour. He has been fighting hard to upset the calculation of his teammate and table topper Ruhaan Alva the last two rounds. And, he finally managed to find his place on top of the podium but, this time around, it came the easy way out. Ruhaan hit the finish line ahead of Jaden but the former was awarded a 10-second time penalty for crossing the white line at the pit exit. It proved too costly for Ruhaan at the end. But the Bengaluru lad shot back to win the next two races in style on Sunday.

Provisional Results:

Formula LGB4:

Race 1(Saturday):

1. Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) 31:42:851;

2. Raghul Rangasamy (MSport) 31:43.995;

3. Ashwin Datta (Dark Don): 31:47.041.

Race 2 (Sunday):

1. Amir Sayed (Ahura Racing) 20:15.250;

2. Vishnu Prasad (MSport) 20:22.423;

3. T.S. Diljith (Dark Don Racing) 20:27.850.

Race 3 (Sunday):

1. Arya Singh (Dark Don) 23:09.491;

2. Sandeep Kumar (Dark Don Racing) 23:10.672;

3.T.S. Diljith (Dark Don Racing) 23:10.824.

JK Tyre Novice Cup:

Race 1 (Saturday):

1.Jaden R. Pariat (MSport) 24:43.808;

2. Gaurav Kochar (Momentum Motorsport) 24:44.340;

3. Neym Rizvi (MSport) 24:45.218.

Race 2 (Sunday):

1. Ruhaan Alva (MSport) 16:12.199;

2. Jaden Pariat 16:12.578;

3. Neym Rizvi 16:13.001.

Race 3 (Sunday):

1. Ruhaan Alva (MSport) 14:36.939;

2. Adheet Parashar (Hasten Performance) 14:48.212;

3. Jaden Pariat (MSport)14:48.575.

JK Tyre Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup:

Race 1 (Sunday):

1. Anish D. Shetty (Hubli) 13:30.381;

2. Anfal Akdhar (Thrissur) 13:33.862;

3. Raj Kumar (Coimbatore) 13:36:164.

Race 2 (Sunday):

1. Anish Shetty 13:51.720;

2. Allwin Xavier (Thrissur) 13:51.749;

3. Anfal Akdhar 13:53.111.

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