How can I participate in the race/ racing championships? Please suggest.

Start your career with Karting. These are the first baby steps any driver needs to take to be a racer and there are many karting zones around the country. Anyone can drive the car on a straight line and win. What makes the difference is how you take the corners and that’s what karting will teach you.

What is the real motivation for someone to start a career in karting?

Whatever is required to be a racer, from breaking to turning, you can learn everything from karting. Be it a 2 wheeler driver, 4 wheeler driver or a truck racing driver, one needs to start with karting to learn the nuances of motorsport.

The second step is to participate in the Championship:-

  • Four stroke Championship: - This is an 80-km race and it is safe as well. Any karting center which is near to you is safe for you and your children.
  • Two Stroke Championship: - This is a professional level karting championship and JK Tyre operates in this area.
  • How do an amateur participate in a race event in 2015?

    We believe that you have done Karting. So, we suggest you participate in the JK Tyre Rookie Cup which is usually slotted a month before the championship season. The basic idea for participation here is to experience the real world of racing.

    The second way is to approach the racing teams directly and get exposed to their system, technique formats, commercials and safety. These teams also have their driver selection program and you can get shortlisted in them too, but you have to be really good.

    What does it take to have a prospective career in Motorsport?

    The sport is still finding its feet. There are limited no. of teams which operate in this country and limited no. of championships as well. Likewise, there are limited no. of machines. Therefore, opportunities are limited in motorsport as a career in India. But the kind of exposure any individual is getting is more than you learn in your text books and way advanced than regular engineering work.

    These days a lot of motor companies pick up their resources from events like Formula Design Challenge and Baja, which are race events that allow you to participate in your own cars. You can showcase your talent in any of these races and get shortlisted for your next round.

    It is also advisable for you to try and become a part of their company initially and switch later to follow your passion of racing.

    Which are the premium karting academies in India?

    There are only two academies for Karting in India:-

  • MECO Motorsport: It is based out of Chennai but they conduct their programs in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Hyderabad as well.

  • RAYO Racing: They are based out of Bombay and operate in Bombay, Pune and Kolhapur

  • How to become a rally racer?

    For every beginner karting is the first step and then we advise you to take up auto- cross which happens everywhere in this country and second step should be auto cross- dirt, which happens 2-3 times in a month. The third step that any rally driver needs to take is to participate in the Time Speed Distance event which will teach you many basic things about rallying, tyres, aligning the rim and all the disciplines in rallying. Rallying is the combination of man and machine, just like you need both your hands to clap. Don’t you?

    After that we suggest you participate in the adventure categories like Raid the Himalayas and Desert Storm organized by various companies across the country.

    Learn the above things and then become a master. After all of this, you will become a package to be a part of the National Event.

    In a gist, you need to follow the following steps to be a part of Motorsports:

    • Karting
    • Auto cross
    • TSD
    • Adventure Category
    • National Championship

    Where can you buy rally tyres from?

    There are only two companies in India where you can buy the rally tyres, one of which is JK Tyres. However, they are not available on the shelf. You need to reach out to the area offices of JK Tyre to buy them directly from the company as there are limited sizes of tyres available.